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WHAT KIND OF A COMPANY IS U’s Can Too Wealth Builders Network?

U’s Can Too Wealth Builders Network is a financial services company serving underserved markets in the Southeastern United States. In 2020, we pioneered the “AHA!” (Americans Helping American!) strategy which targets financial needs faced by lower to mid-level income households – poverty, financial education, financial mentoring, inadequate income. We believe that when people receive proper financial counseling, education, and mentoring, they will share their knowledge with their family, friends and others, which in-turn will create a better financial future for all parties and the local and national economies.

U’s Can Too Wealth Builder Network uses our confidential and customized Useful Financial Assessment (UFA) to help clients understand where they are financially and personal plan to help them achieve their personal financial goals!

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Company Benefits For Employees At No Cost To The Company

  • Our services are also availabe to employers with 1 - 2500 employees and independent contractors. Employers bare no expenses for this benefit package and employees pay a fraction of the cost for the services provided. No payroll deduction, contracts to sign, or other paperwork, we take care of all the administrative costs, all the employers do is offer this valuable service to their employees or independent contractors.
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