We Provide Professional Wealth-Building Services

Wealth-Building Mentoring

Building wealth is a process that requires understanding the many moving parts; credit & debt management, cash-flow management, asset-building, insurance coverage, financial education, and financial mentoring. 

We provide services that can enhance individuals wealth-building ability while saving them time and money.

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Financial Mentoring

Far too many underserved indviduals are left out of or don’t have access  to traditional wealth-building processes and systems, generally because of high-costs and barriers to entry.

We have an all-inclusive system that allows anyone with a desire an opportunity to build personal wealth on their schedule and plan.

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Money and Time Saving Education & Mentoring Services

We understand that everyone is on a different schedule when it comes to build personal wealth. Thats why our programs are geared towards people who want build wealth based on their own schedule and efforts and don’t required 20-30 years to get where they would like to be financial. Thats why we designed our programs to be cost-ffected and time-saving system.

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About Us

We Are A Company Dedicated To Helping Underserved Individuals Build Personal Wealth

  • We provide of  low-tech, low-cost win-win financial solutions for underserved consumers. We do not rely totally on technology because we know there are millions of consumers that do not have or care to have access to tecnology, they don’t want to spend time and energy trying to get anwers to simple questions, they want the comfort of having a caring human to guide them.


  • Enhance Your Financial and Money Management Skills

    Become part of a fast-growing organization that is helping UNDERSERVED individuals build personal wealth.

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We Help U's Build Wealth

We specialize in providing professional personal financial counseling, education, mentoring and financial opportunities to underserved individuals.


We can potentially help you resurrect your income.


What We Do

We provide the resources and tool required in order to get out of poverty.

Financial Mentoring

We provide subscription-based personal financial services that are affordable and specifically designed to help individuals get on the right track to building personal wealth, regardless of their current financial status.

Services include:

  • Credit counseling
  • Debt managment counseling
  • Financial budgeting counsling
  • Real estate investment counseling
  • Personal financial management counseling


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Team Building

Our focus is on Americans Helping Americans have a better financial future via networking and communications.

  • Financial Mentoring
  • Financial Education
  • Income Opportunities
  • Community Involvement
  • Social Responsibility
  • American Helping Americans! (AHA!)

Client Feedbacks

It is good to know that we have access to professional personal financial mentors and educators when we need them and don’t have to worry about spending thousands of dollars to get help with our financial issues.


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